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Yes! A Palace, Goa has the honour to house a palace in the capital city which is passed by several people every single day, but is overlooked every time. The Palace which I am referring to is one of the oldest Palace which can be dated back to the time of Portuguese Invasion in the state of Goa. This beautiful palace belonged to Muslim ruler of Bijapur, Yusuf Adil Shah (1450 – 1511)

The palace is strategically located to provide a beautiful riverfront view of the beuatiful Mandovi river. The Palace is commonly referred to as Idalcao Palace. It was also referred to as Adil Shah’s Summer Palace cum fortress.

Goa has a varied and a distinctive history with this beautiful palace, it was both well maintained and well armed during the reign with over 55 cannons and saltwater moat. However, when the Portuguese invaded Goa under the cable leaadership of Afonso de Albuquerque in 1510, the Sultan of Bijapur had to give up.The Palace got the name of Idalcao Palace during post Portuguese invasion. It was a Portuguese version of the name “Adil Shah” Thus it was called Idalcao’s Palace. Following which this became the temporary residence of Viceroys of Goa.

The Viceroys who came to Panjim resided in the Idalcao Palace, and then moved for their ceremonial which were held in Old Goa. Same before leaving on a sea voy age, they would come to stay at the Idalcao Palace and from there on head on a sea voyage. The same continued to be used in this manner till 1918.

Post the Liberation of Goa from the Portuguese Rule in the year 1961, the Palace was used as the Secretariat, of the Goa State Legislative Assembly. Soon, the new secretariat was built at the Porvorim. Following which this Palace was converted into the office of administration of the Government Body.

The interiors of the palace is not open to general public, tourist or visitors. But the Exterior beauty is just so mind blogging. The typical colonial design and architectural style has been developed and enhanced with the passing years. Also the main enterance which was earlier facing the front of the Mandovi river was shifted towards the backside of the building of which the main entrance had a crest of the viceroy which was replaced by post liberation to Ashoka Chakra which is the Indian Emblem.

Very few people, get an opportunity to visit this Palace and one of which was me, The beauty of the exteriors is that it is simple and gives you a feel of an old Portuguese Mansion, the highlight of which is the big chandelier in the main hall.

The Palace is significantly palaced in between two statues of great stature, towards the left is the Statue of Dayanad Bandodkar, the first Chief Minister of Goa while towards the right is the statue of the Abbé Faria., the great hypnotist.,


If you plan to visit the palace especially the interiors then plan your visit during the festivals like Serendipity, along with the art appreciation, you will also get to enjoy the view of the river front sipping a hot coffee from your the top veranda of the Palace



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