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Do You Know about this beautiful Panjim Spring – Boca de Vaca?

Springs are beautiful places to sit back and relax, and especially when it is in the place where you work, it helps you re surge a new vibe by simply visiting the same. Situated almost on a lower hill, Boca De Vaca is one of the two springs which exist in the Captial City – Panjim.

If one takes a closer look at this structure, one would notice that this structure has a face of a cow as a part of it’s architecture. The spring water flowing from a Granite Cow’s Head which is built during the Portuguese era. Well, that’s right from where, this spring got it’s name – Boca de Vaca which means ‘Face of the Cow’ or the ‘Cow’s Face’.

Earlier this place was used as a major source of water supply in the capital city – Panjim. But with the changing times this too was highly neglected, and this turned out to be one of the major reasons for the almost dying state of this architecture. But the only thing that has kept this place alive was the source of fresh water which is still widely known for it’s medicinal properties.  This structure now stands as a part of a temple which is dedicated to Sai Baba.

This massive Portuguese built structure was reworked and restored only recently by an initiative taken to beautify and restore this beautiful place by Goa Tourism and Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC). It has been assured that this place turns out to be a major tourist attraction restoring the same. Also additionally the place is very well maintained. And in case you walk to this place or drive to this place and want to spend some quality time, well there are benches too available here to sit back and relax watching the spring water.

A brownie point would be visiting this place in the evening. This place is well lit and the fresh flow of water re energizes your soul with the cool breeze touching you and makes it even more why you should visit this place.


Simple! Google Map for you – directions towards Boca De Vaca Spring.  But take care as Google is not well versed with which road Corporation of City of Panjim (CCP) has marked as no entry or as one way!!! Carefully check the sign boards on the way, while heading towards the Destination.


  • This place has a specific time, within which it needs to be visited that is 9AM – 8PM. One good thing is it is open throughout the week during the above mentioned time.
  • Visit this place with an Umbrella to protect you from rains if you plan to visit during monsoon and sun if you plan to visit this place during summer as this place is an open area.

Here is a panoramic view of the same. Introducing something new for the very first time on my blog. Would love to hear feedback on this!

And ofcourse the mandatory! #BEINGALLYCARALATBOCADEVACA

Here’s another place which I visited, well now you can add this one in your list of places to visit when in Goa. Incase you visited this place or are planning to visit then, do send me photographs or simply share them using the hashtag of #BocadeVaca #TravelwithAllycaral or #BeingAllycaral on any of your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or BlogLovin. And Yes! Don’t forget to share this articles with your friends, families, relatives acquaintances use the options below so that they too can visit this place. If you get time, do leave your comments in the comments section, would love to hear from you. Have an amazing week ahead.

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